Love for Wits is No Place for The Commonplace


Prologue to Mating With Other Wits

    Yes, there is intelligent life on earth, and it's here, searching for other intelligent life

IS THE NEAR PERFECT MAN OR WOMAN FOR YOU GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT TOWN, ACROSS THE COUNTRY, ON A MOON OF SATURN? It doesn't matter. You are here, they are here, and always keep in mind that Love for Wits is no place for the commonplace. From San Diego to New York to London, we're collecting the best single wits found anywhere.

No more inane blather, boring dates, blank stares, or humorless homonids brimming with hubris. If you're cut above the herd, you've found harbor at Love for Wits.Com, a unique and free social dating site for singles with sense (just a few female and male wit samples), and MOST importantly, a sense of HUMOR.

We cater to professionals, artists, film actors and directors, journalists, musicians, board execs, scientists, book editors, comics, dancers, poets, authors, IT pros, architects, teachers, chefs, television personalities, media news people, wealthy people, not-so-wealthy people, unsung geniuses, Gen X'rs, Dilbert cube-ists, and many more (but no divorce attorneys without unique references). So, have a brain, but not a snob?    

By the way, unlike Match, Brainiac, POFish, etc., we carefully screen and authenticate, require more in-depth profiles, include more privacy options, and without equal on the Internet dating scene, we create a cultured, media-rich environment for our members. Also, unlike other dating sites, we do not lead you on and bait you into signing up. We respect your intelligence and would like you to make an informed decision before you join.

The Fates are with you. If you think you belong here, you most likely do.
So what now? Your first big best will be to set aside the time the average commuter spends going to and from work each day (about an hour). You will be asked to respond to DETAILED PROFILE Q&A broken into five categories (The Basics, Facts of Life, Eros and Attributes, Culture C'est Moi, Jobs and Degrees of Ed) we consider especially relevant for members of this community, questions and probings we find give a pretty clear picture of the person you wish others to know, and which are a bit more substantive than dating sites with pretty much the same rah-blah and *compatibility matching* questions that in the final analysis are nothing more than clever marketing ploys. If you've tried a few of them, you'll know what we mean.

Following the above, you'll be directed to a second Q&A section (no, nothing like e-Harmony) designed to separate the "wits" from the not-so. If you wish to know more about this screening process (or anything else), see our FAQ PAGE. Also, we endeavor insofar as possible to make the process somewhat entertaining. If we fail in that area, let us know. Write us with the subject line YOUR SIGN-UP PROCESS BORES ME and we'll put it in perspective.

Regardless, the Fates are with you. If you think you belong here at Love For Wits, you most likely do. And now, if you've read the above, and you believe you're prepared to become part of our Love For Wits dating community, you can begin THE REGISTRATION PROCESS now.

Btw, because we're sort of new on the love block, you can sign up to become a member of our Love For Wits community and receive a one year free membership.

See you on the other side!


Love For Wits Management