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Tips and Soul Searching Discussion

Before unleashing the power of the advanced search features, you must first ask yourself, "What is really important to me in the selection of a potential date or mate?" We strongly advise carefully examining the profile categories available (The Basics, Facts of Life, Eros and Attributes, Culture C'est Moi, Job and Degrees of Ed) for search prior to focusing in on a select list of attributes or values you wish to consider.

Is this stating the obvious? Yes, but it needs to be said.

For example, what is more important to you, an individual's "personal culture" or their occupation? Their current desire for love or sex, or the health of their ego? Their "life attitude" or their social profile? Their income or their sense of humor? Since most reasonable human beings are comfortable with a range of attributes, we advise conducting the advanced search using a relatively exclusive and vital number of criteria, i.e., if you list nine attributes you must have, the odds of finding someone that perfect get pretty slim.

Once you've establised your core search values (age, gender, area, etc.) consider including a "keyword" search for locating any type of personal info usually included in the front-page profile of each member. For example, if someone is a musician or filmmaker or software engineer, or whatever, they will most likely note it there. Look over several profiles to get a feel for what people like to talk about.

Next, use the balance of the search form to include one or two more crucial attributes, then make sure to save the search in the appropriate box by typing in a name or identifier code for the search, e.g., if you searched for personal culture preference, author/writer, and income, then type in CULT-AUTH-$$$ to remind you next time this particular search contains those items. We recommend creating and saving several searches in this manner. The saved searches will return profiles and pictures, updating each time you run them.

When you've finished clicking off your choices, hold down the CTRL on your keyboard and tap HOME to jump to the SUBMIT button (or else simply scroll there) at the base of the advanced search page ... This tech shortcut is for PCs. Macs are something else. We're not sure what, but if you have a Mac, you'll know!

Regardless, be patient, be smart, and you'll find just the right person (or at least a reasonable substitute).