Dating Intelligent People just wrote to inform us of a new article they wrote debunking an author's claims that smart men fit a characteristic stereotype.  Excerpt below and link to the article. Comments welcome.

Dating The Intelligent Man - Part I

There is a lot of silliness online regarding dating the intelligent man. After reviewing several articles, we're not sure if the reviewers are more interested in providing advice on how best to recognize and relate to the intelligent man, or more interested in trashing men, perhaps because they themselves have failed to land their ideal, or maybe just because trashing men is a popular social media hobby. Regardless, let's take a look at these one at a time. What we need on this subject is balance and clarity, for the sake of us all. Singling out a portion of the human race for negative stereotyping isn't a great idea no matter how you look at it.

What Are the Disadvantages of Dating Highly Intelligent Men? [ article ]

This author has dated more than one intelligent man and therefore apparently considers herself qualified to write this article wherein she introduces a set of negative qualities that every intelligent man will most likely possess because she herself has dated a sufficient random sample from around the world. So about how many "intelligent" men did she date? And how does she define "intelligent"? We will never know, but after all, this isn't exactly a formal academic or research-based study. One also has to wonder at the onset, why didn't she attempt a balanced article rather focusing on the negative? Maybe because negativity gets more click-throughs on Google? (it does, actually)

Now let's examine the negative qualities that each intelligent man potentially possesses:

  • Egos. They are used to succeeding and so dealing with a loss can be hard for them. Sulking and/or moping are not unheard of.

  • If you google self-esteem with the word "prisoners" you will find several studies that report high levels of ego and narcissism among prison inmates. In fact, they generally rate themselves with higher self-esteem values than the general population, and also demonstrate an inverse correlation compared to IQ. In other words, the more self-esteem the prisoner possesses, the lower the IQ in comparison with the non-prison population. Surprise! Who would have thought? So, it seems that less intelligent men, and women, are big egos too, bigger than normal. It's not hard to imagine a prisoner sulking around his cell after getting caught by the cops at the bus stop two blocks away from the bank he just robbed.

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