We’ve all heard the stories about how attractive people make more money than the unattractive—some $250,000 over a lifetime, if you believe one economist. We’ve read how babies stare longer and cry less when held by pretty people, and heard tales of handsome children doing better in school, given special attention by their teachers. And if we hadn’t already come to terms with the belief that beautiful people are generally better all-around, a study late last month revealed we notice the intricacies of their personality more, too—simply because we’re better listeners when we can stare at a beautiful face. In life, as in love, it seems, beautiful people seem to have it awfully easy.

But what if we told you that when it comes to online dating, good looks could actually hurt you? That even amid the plastic beauty ideal and girl-next-door obsessions of modern American culture, a unique looking woman—one whom some men are likely to find positively unattractive—might have an advantage over women who embody traditional beauty norms? If you’re a member of the 31 percent of Americans who’ve tested the waters of online dating, haven’t you at least wondered how you stack up against the competition?


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