Sex, Lies, and More Lies

A few slices from PLENTY OF FISH TALES!


Sex, Lies And More Lies

I met this girl on Plenty Of Fish and we chatted for a bit then decided to finally meet. The next day we hooked up and she dropped the "L" bomb;
I Should of bailed there but didn't.

The following week there was a "baby scare", so being a good guy I went along with it, but then the lies and deception started. When I brought the subject up it was turned around so that I was the jerk. I'm sure there is a jewel somewhere on the site, I've just got to dig through the white thrash first I guess.

I Don't Know Who Was The Bigger Charity Case?

To help raise money for orphans I agreed to join up along with my friend for a charity dating auction.

My friend went first as was auctioned off for $200. I landed a grand total of $20. The guy who bid on me spent our entire date reciting every line from The Lord of The Rings.

I think I'll stick to normal dating from now on, those dates are bad enough.