If they're searching all over the U.S., and the world for superior mates, why not just come to Love For Wits?

To think, lonely peeps out there are paying tens of thousands to potentially meet someone they've never seen and who a third party is telling them THEY WILL click with?  Well, if you're a friggin' billionaire type, what difference does it make if you blow 50K per wasted date?  We all know that you can narrow things down but the chemistry has gotta be there when eyes finally meet the flesh, no?

According to this article from THE DATING BLOG:

"Who are those clients? These rich and often well-known people want to steer clear of gold diggers, says Kelleher co-owner Amber Kelleher-Andrews. “They’re too busy to find love,” she says of the firm’s clients. “Matchmakers can cut right to the chase.” To be personally matched by founder Jill Kelleher, members need to fork over serious money. “A client called us last week and insisted on Jill matching him. He said $100,000 to meet the right woman was nothing compared to the $4 million his divorce was costing him from the wrong woman,” says Kelleher-Andrews."

That makes sense, but how in H.E. double-hockeysticks can a Matchmaker assure someone is not looking for a ticket to ride just because they are one of her clients who is already rich, or somehow un-rich, but still not looking to date money (even though they must be looking to date money since they are being matched up with a a lonely plutocrat)?  What's wrong with this picture? 

It makes you feel kinda sorry for the rich, perhaps for all of five seconds?  Oh, if only we had such problems!!!


"Other firms take a scientific approach. The British firm Seventy Thirty, which charges its clients a minimum of $15,000, has a team made up exclusively of psychologists. “Psychologists know how to interview and read people,” says head matchmaker Trudy Hill, whose firm is named for the 70:30 work-life ratio that successful people supposedly need to be happy (clients provide the 70, the agency provides the 30 in the form of a mate). “It helps to know which client can benefit from positive coaching and recognize different personality types to find a successful match for.”

Sure, we know this doesn't work at e-Disharmony nearly as well as they pitch it, and doesn't it, um, depend on what kind of psychological approach they subscribe to?  They're just interviewing people who are telling them what they want to hear?  Of course, none of these psyche types can be fooled ...

No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.



  • Posted 7 years ago
I wonder what their success rates are for $15K, $50K, and $100K. Do you get a pro-rated refund if divorce happens down the road? And $100K because his current divorce is costing him $4 Million...why not have an airtight prenuptial?

Psychology & Science? Since when has ANYTHING explained LOVE definitively?

Great Millionaire Matchmaker Skit on SNL: http://www.hulu.com/watch/193065/saturday-night-live-millionaire-matchmaker