Lemonade from Dating Lemons: The Origin of "Love For Wits"


The Disgruntled Forces That Created "Love For Wits"

    The match full of chemistry and promising harmony was made for them ...


On a routinely dark and stormy night not long ago, in a small cottage overlooking the Atlantic somewhere between the sprawling blight of New Jersey and that miserable excuse for a vacation known as "the Delaware shore," a group of dark-hooded people (sad refugees from "intelligent" dating sites) met, and after several bottles of Merlot, followed by FESTIVUS-LIKE feats of strength, they found themselves cleansed and capable of airing their grievances regarding the horrors of online dating. 

How many times had they filled out hours of forms to create personality "dream matches" only to be confronted days or weeks later over a dinner table by their worst nightmare (a dolt with no sense of humor), or at best, someone far less than expected, such as a tobacco-chewing insurance agent sans breath mints, or even stock options, who on top of everything else had never even seen THE BIG LEBOWSKI and thought DUCK SOUP sounded "kinda greasy" ...


But most irritating of all, they had not even chosen this cretin, but the "match" full of "chemistry" and promising "harmony" was made for them.  And by who, you ask?  By souless computer software juggling thousands of answers to questions (many of which were dumb to begin with).

"Is the glass half empty, or full?" Rebecca shrieked to the grumbling and indignant pariahs. "I had to answer and they gave me little choice!"

"By God, Becky!" Thomas yelled. "Doesn't it depend on whether the glass was just filled or emptied?"

Following that incredibly sensible question, the group, so long deprived of choice and reason, broke down and sobbed. Later, they dubbed themselves THE LOVING WITS, and vowed to create a new world, an intelligent dating community where they and all their kind might make their own choices, conduct their own searches, and in a universe that understood them, in a holy place where one plus one still equaled two, and where love and laughter was forever the norm.

Thus was LOVE FOR WITS born. The rest is history ... or is it? Or was it?